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Armed Robbery Gang Sentenced

  • Posted

At the end of last week it was reported that three members of a gang responsible for an armed robbery and attempted robbery, were sentenced to a combined total of 40 years in prison.

The three members of the gang were involved in a cash delivery robbery in July 2012, as well as the attempted robbery at a store within the Halifax area during January last year.

During the armed robbery in July 2012, two of the gang members wearing balaclavas and armed with a gun and knife threatened a guard to hand over £20,000 before demanding more money from the guards van; before making off in a vehicle being driven by the third member.

The attempted store robbery, again saw two of the gang wearing balaclavas and armed with a knife threaten a shop assistant; before attaching a tow rope from a vehicle being driven by the third member to a free standing cash machine. However, when the tow rope snapped, the gang made off empty handed.

Following a court case, the members of the gang were handed various prison sentences which ranged from 18 years, to 11 years and three months – with the combined total exceeding 40 years.

Whilst the report has indicated that the three gang members have received custodial sentences, for those who are facing charges of robbery, our criminal law solicitors in Yorkshire can assist.

Our solicitors have considerable experience of advising and representing clients facing charges relating to robbery offences within Yorkshire; and through experience within the criminal law sector, we have represented clients in a range cases, including armed robbery.

Using the knowledge and experience we have built up, we can assist those wishing to deny or plead guilty to burglary charges; whilst for those wishing to deny the charges then we will work hard to clear your name. Alternatively, if you decide to plead guilty then we can argue for a reduced sentence. 

To find out how we can assist you, contact us today.