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TICs Under the Spotlight

  • Posted

At the end of last week, it was reported that four police offers were under investigation, amid suggestions that they had falsified crime figures within their area.

According to the reports, a burglar was persuaded by the officers to falsely accept responsibility for hundreds of other burglaries within the area – known as “taking crimes into consideration” (TICs); enabling the officers to class the cases as being solved.

However, when the burglar’s original case came to court, he retracted the TICs whilst making a number of unspecified allegations against the officers, who are now being investigated.

After a suspect is charged for an alleged crime, it is routine for them to be taken around the scenes of their alleged burglary, to point out other places they admit to targeting – with police often taking a list of unsolved crimes with them to tick-off.

The routine enables police forces to improve their detention rates; and intelligence; whilst criminals who ask for other crimes to be taking into consideration are able to “clean the slate” without facing further prosecution – although they may face longer sentences.

Statistics suggest that TICs accounted for four percent of the crimes detected last year.

For those who are facing criminal charges – whether for theft, burglary, robbery or taking without the owners consent, it is important to seek expert, specialist legal advice at the earliest opportunity – which is where our criminal law solicitors can assist.

Through our experience within the criminal law sector, we have represented clients in a range of burglary and robbery cases, including armed robbery – and using the knowledge and experience we have built up, we can assist those wishing to deny or plead guilty to burglary charges.