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Calls for Tougher Action on Drink-Drivers

  • Posted

Following the results of a recent survey, businesses are being urged to get tougher on employees caught drink and / or drug driving.

According to the results of the survey less than half of those businesses with a fleet, who participated in the survey, would dismiss an employee if they were caught drink or drug driving; whilst many have never tested their employees for drink or drugs.

In addition, the survey has revealed that less than half of the employers who participated in the survey educate their employees on the dangers of drug-driving; with only half advising employees on the dangers of drink-driving.

As a result of the latest survey results, a leading charity has called on employers with a fleet of drivers to get tougher on those caught drink or drug driving; stating that any traces of alcohol or drugs within their system should be considered as an act of gross misconduct.

Our road traffic offence solicitors are fully aware of the dangers of drink and drug driving; and we are also aware of the punishments both offences carry; which is why we are on hand to offer legal advice and guidance to those who face charges of drink and / or drug driving.

Through our experience within this area of road traffic law, our Yorkshire solicitors are experienced in identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, including inappropriate behaviour by police, who are legally bound to follow strict procedures; whilst for those drivers who wish to plead guilty for such a charge, or are found guilty following a trial, we will ensure that you receive the most lenient sentence in the circumstances.

At Lester Morrill, we will also advise you on whether there are any mitigating circumstances which can result in you avoiding disqualification. These circumstances are known as ‘special reasons’ and narrowly defined in law and complicated to establish – for example, ‘spiked’ drinks or shortness of distance travelled.