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Court throws out speeding case, opening the door for further appeals

  • Posted

A driver who was accused of speeding past a primary school has won his court battle, after successfully arguing that road markings were the wrong distance apart.

David Erasmus had been taken to court, after authorities alleged he was doing 36mph in a 30mph zone.

But convinced of his innocence, the former engineer revisited the road in Hendy, West Wales, where he had supposedly broken the limit.

On arriving he noticed something strange about the white lines used to measure the speed that a vehicle is travelling. And when he got down on the ground to measure the markings with a tape measure, he found they were three inches shorter than at other speed camera locations.

During his trial earlier this month, the 55-year-old argued that the shorter lines made it seem that he was travelling faster than he was. After considering the evidence, magistrates accepted his argument and the case was formally dismissed.

Speaking after the case, Mr Erasmus said that he felt it had been worth challenging the speeding fine.

It is unclear if anyone who has previously been snapped by the camera will be appealing against their own penalty.

Although some have already suggested that the court’s decision could pave the way for motorists in other parts of the country challenging their convictions, if they have similar concerns about the road markings.

At Lester Morrill, we can provide representation if you believe you should not have been awarded points on your licence of if you are facing disqualification and believe this would cause you exceptional hardship. To find out how our road traffic solicitors can assist you, contact us today.