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Survey exposes dangers of the early morning drive

  • Posted

A new survey has suggested that too many motorists risk driving the morning after a heavy night of drinking, despite the risk that they may still be over the limit.

The research  revealed that almost one in ten drivers are taking the chance once a month and one in 20 are doing so on a weekly basis.

At present, around 12 per cent of drivers who fail breath tests are caught the morning after a night out.

Despite a number of public awareness campaigns, there are concerns that many motorists are still unclear about how long it takes for the body to break down the alcohol in their system.

In truth, there are many variables which are likely to have a bearing on the length of time before it is safe to drive again.

As well as the number of units you have drunk and the time that you stopped drinking, factors such as age, weight and metabolism should also be taken into consideration.

Alice Bailey, Brake’s campaigns officer, said:  “If you drive first thing in the morning after a night of heavy drinking it’s highly likely you’ll still be over the limit.

“You’ll be a danger to yourself and all other road users and at a much higher risk of crashing. At worst, you could lose your life or take someone else’s. Even if that’s not the case, you could still lose your licence and potentially your livelihood.

“The advice is simple use public transport, or walk to work if you’ve been out on Sunday night or if you drive for work think about sharing a celebration much earlier in the day.”

If you are facing drink-driving charges, it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure the best possible representation. For further details about how Lester Morrill’s road traffic team can help you, please contact us.