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Cancer Misdiagnosis Case Studies


Death from Delay In Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

D was aged 43 at the date of her death. She left a surviving partner and two children both under the age of 18. D attended her General Practitioner with a left breast lump who referred her to the local hospital. The hospital undertook a mammogram and D was...

Failure to Identify Recurring Cervical Cancer

J was diagnosed as suffering from cervical cancer following which she underwent a radical hysterectomy. She was regularly reviewed thereafter. Despite having problems with bleeding J’s gynaecologist was of the opinion that she was menopausal and...

Death Following Failure to Diagnose an Adrenal Tumour

T was aged 35 at the date of her death. She lived with her three children.  T had a long history of headaches but despite such headaches no formal diagnosis was made.  T also suffered with hypertension and palpations. When she was admitted to...