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Dental Negligence Case Studies


Fragment of dental tool left behind after treatment

L suffered from toothache, and was given a filling and then underwent root canal surgery to try to solve the problem. Following the treatment, he began to suffer headaches and was referred to a specialist ENT surgeon. The consultant was able to remove a...

Dentist misleads family over boy's treatment

10 year old B, had fillings and three extractions at the advice of his family’s dentist. His parents were told his dental issues would be solved by this treatment, but they were not. A new dentist identified that the fillings had not in fact been...

Loss of teeth following untreated gum disease

V suffered tooth loss as a result of a delay in the diagnosis of her gum disease. V visited her dentist three or four times a year for a standard examination, and a scale and polish. She was at no point made aware of having periodontal problems and by the...