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Baby boy starved of oxygen during breech birth

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A tragic stillbirth at Frimley Park Hospital was recently reported in the News.

Midwives failed to realise that baby Theo was in the breech position until his mother was already in advanced labour at the Hospital. In the weeks and days leading up to his birth, chances to order an ultrasound scan were missed.  An ultrasound scan would have diagnosed Theo’s breech position.

An independent investigation and report into the treatment Theo and his Mum received at Frimley Park Hospital found that medical staff did not declare an emergency when they first realised Theo was in the breech position; doing so would have meant senior staff were called to attend the birth earlier.

The investigation also found that Theo’s delivery was significantly delayed and he was tragically starved of oxygen.  Theo’s parents bravely pursed legal action and the Hospital have admitted that their medical staff’s mistakes had led to Theo’s death.  Because Theo was “stillborn” a Coroner was not allowed to investigate his medical care at an Inquest.  Calls to change this rule have been made.

Our team of medical negligence solicitors regularly act for devastated parents whose babies have been injured or delivered “stillborn” as a result of sub-standard NHS midwifery or obstetric treatment.  This sad report about baby Theo underlines the recent recommendations made by Donna Ockenden that more funding is desperately needed to support and provide further training for midwifery services. 

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If you or your child have suffered a birth related injury as a result of suspected negligent maternity care, our team of top ranked solicitors can help.  Our medical negligence lawyers specialise in birth injury cases and we have a proven record of securing compensation to help children and their families.   

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We recognise that this is an incredibly difficult situation.  Our clinical negligence team offer empathetic, clear and practical support to help you under the most challenging of circumstances.

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This blog was written by Guy Pomphrey and Emily Underwood.