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Family of cancer patient awarded over £100,000 in compensation

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BBC news recently reported on a six-figure medical negligence settlement following substandard maxillofacial surgery at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Similar operations at the Hospital were suspended for 2 years (between 2016 and 2018) after safety concerns were raised by junior medical staff leading to over 100 former patients being contacted because they too might have been harmed in surgery.

Margaret Burrell, who died in 2019, was sadly one of these injured patients.

She underwent an operation at Leicester Royal Infirmary in March 2016 to remove a small tumour in her mouth and have it replaced with a piece of skin from her arm. After the operation, Mrs Burrell’s arm became infected and she developed significant difficulty eating, drinking and talking.

These problems worsened to the point where she had difficulty swallowing (she was aspirating on saliva) and eventually required a tracheostomy to breathe. Despite undergoing a further three surgical procedures on her face and jaw the injuries she sustained led to her physical and psychiatric health deteriorating. The Hospital admitted that their poor medical care had brought forward Mrs Burrell’s death and agreed to pay her Estate and family over £100,000 in compensation.

Other patients at Leicester Royal Infirmary may have also suffered injuries as a result of substandard surgical procedures and medical care. The Hospital says it is carrying out a comprehensive review.

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