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A step in the right direction? Supreme court rules on end of life decisions

  • Posted

The Supreme Court has ruled that in circumstances where families and doctors are in agreement, an application to the Court of Protection will not have to be made to end a persons life who is in a long term permanent vegetative state. In the Supreme...

Court of Appeal Rules On Pay For Sleep-In Carers

  • Posted

The Court of Appeal handed down a judgment finding it is only time spent awake and working during a sleep-in that counts as working time for National Minimum Wage purposes. Care workers who sleep overnight at a client’s home are not entitled to the...

Urgent Notification for HMP Exeter

  • Posted

The Chief Inspector of Prisons triggered the urgent notification process for HMP Exeter on 30 May 2018. An unannounced inspection of HMP Exeter took place between 14 and 24 May 2018 which identified a number of significant concerns with regard to the...

Shortage of Mental Health Beds for Adolescents Now a Priority?

  • Posted

Sir James Munby, head of High Court’s Family division was, ‘ashamed and embarrassed’ that no hospital place has been found for a 17-year-old who was at high risk of self harm and suicide. The comments made draw attention to the state of...

IPCC Article concerning fatal police shooting investigations

  • Posted

The IPCC have published an article further to debates surrounding police use of firearms and the delays in investigations. This week Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, in his call for greater public support of firearms officers, said that officers are...