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Arthroplasty Operation Makes Things Worse

S underwent an arthroplasty on the joints of both of her great toes.  Immediately following the operation S found it difficult to walk and at the time she thought she was recovering from surgery. 

Unfortunately, S did not make the improvement that was envisaged and whereas before the operation she was able to walk with normal shoes this was no longer possible and ended up with problems with her mobility which was affecting her both at work and at home.

The main reason she underwent the surgery was so that there would be an improvement in the quality of her life but she ended up in a worse position than she was beforehand.  

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who was of the opinion there was failure with the surgery which was performed and although the claim was defended vigorously, it was possible to resolve the claim and following negotiations S accepted an award of £70,000.00.