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Case Study 5

Paul is an adult who has cerebral palsy causing him severe disabilities.  He lives with mum and dad.  When Paul was in his early 20s great news came.  He was to receive compensation for the medical negligence at his birth which caused his disabilities.

A large sum was to be received but sadly Paul did not have the mental capacity to deal with managing his finances.

Paul's parents worried about this and what happen to Paul after they were gone.  They were worn out by the responsibilities meeting Paul’s day to day needs and they had no experience of managing such a large sum of money.

I talked to Paul's parents about their options and they decided that the best long-term solution was to ask the Court of Protection to appoint a Professional Deputy for property and finances on behalf of Paul.

The application was submitted, no hearing was required and 4 months later I was appointed Paul’s Deputy.

I then set about working with Paul and his family as to how together we could use Paul’s compensation to improve Paul’s life.

Together we bought a bungalow in Paul’s name, adapted it to meet Paul’s lifetime needs and the family moved in.

We agreed budgets to meet Paul’s personal needs for days out, holidays and money for personal purchases.  We also agreed budgets to meet the household expenses. 

Paul’s parents were tired and in the longer term could not continue to care for him 24/7 without additional help.  A buddy was recruited to enable Paul to access the community with people of his own age.     He now enjoys outings to the pub, local restaurants and holidays in the UK and abroad.  During this time his parents have a well deserved break.

Having received financial advice, a large proportion Paul’s compensation was placed in long-term investments to ensure that Paul’s lifetime needs can be met even after his parents have gone.  All of this has been managed through the Deputyship. 

Paul's parents have benefited hugely by knowing that Paul’s finances are in safe hands and that he is protected from those who might seek to exploit them.

The solicitor who wrote this Case Study is Julia Morrill, head of the firm’s Court of Protection and Deputyship department.