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Cystoscopy Damages Urethra

J underwent a TVT procedure to deal with her symptoms of urgency and stress incontinence.

During the procedure the surgeon damaged the urethra and it became apparent that he applied excessive force as a result of which J developed significant incontinence and required numerous procedures thereafter to try and deal with this problem.

However, despite further treatment J’s symptoms were constant. She had no control over her bladder and experienced leakage when standing, bending or walking.   Her life consists of changing her clothes three of four times a day as well as changing her pyjamas a couple of times through the night.  She was also forced to change her bedding, washing, drying and ironing the same on a daily basis and had become very dependent upon her daughter.

With our help it was possible to secure an admission of liability and an apology for J who received a life changing award of £115,000.00.