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Delayed Diagnosis of Listeria Meningitis

F when he was less than 1 month of age became unwell with a fever. He was visited by three different doctors on three consecutive days and it was only when his father took him to the GP’s surgery that he was urgently admitted to hospital where a diagnosis of listeria meningitis was made. During our investigations it became apparent that there was a failure to properly assess F and a failure to rule out meningitis.

Further enquires revealed that if he had been admitted to hospital earlier and received appropriate antibiotic treatment all neurological complications would have been avoided.  However, due to the delay F was diagnosed with a mild right hemiplegaia, a divergent squint, damage to his optic nerve, visual problems, slurred speech and clumsy movements.

The claim was defended but settled just before Trial.

F received £900,000.00 which has allowed him to purchase a suitable property. He is now married and has a child of his own.  What happened to F was tragic but with our help and expertise the compensation has allowed him to lead an independent life and has allowed him and his family to be financially secure.