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Delayed Diagnosis of Torn Achilles Tendon

R felt a sudden snap and tear in his left lower leg just above his ankle. He developed pain and swelling and could hardly walk. However, despite having attended his local A&E Department he was advised that he had torn a calf muscle.

No treatment was provided other than reassurance and he was discharged with no follow up.

By the time that he was eventually diagnosed with a tear of his Achilles tendon some months later and despite surgery he was left with problems in his left leg to include weakness which resulted in him not being able to walk any distance and was unable to return to his previous employment. 

Expert evidence from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon revealed that there was a failure by the hospital to diagnose a rupture of the Achilles tendon when he first presented himself to the hospital. Had that diagnosis been made then the rupture would have been repaired and R would have made a complete recovery.

R eventually agreed to resolve his claim and accepted £67,500.00.