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Dentist misleads family over boy's treatment

10 year old B, had fillings and three extractions at the advice of his family’s dentist. His parents were told his dental issues would be solved by this treatment, but they were not.

A new dentist identified that the fillings had not in fact been carried out despite the first dentist saying the work had been completed. His parents then made a complaint to the General Dental Council.

Our approach

We wanted to be able to assure B’s parents that no others would be misled in the same way they had been. Our case led to the dentist in question being removed from the Dental Register.

The outcome

Our client was awarded a compensation payout of £9,000.

The case in detail

B was aged 10 years old and was receiving treatment from his dentist. At the time his parents were reassured that the problems which he was having could be dealt with to include extraction of 3 teeth as well as needing fillings which it was thought at the time had been performed. However, B’s problems continued and it was only when his treatment was undertaken by a different dentist did it come to light that the fillings which had previously been identified and which his parents had thought had been dealt with had not been completed. 

B’s parents made a complaint to the General Dental council.  When Minton Morrills were instructed we assisted the General Dental Council with their enquiries and which eventually lead to the dentist’s name being removed from the Dental Register. The defence union entered into negotiations to resolve the claim with B being awarded £9,000.00 and which was accepted following approval by the Court. 

B’s parents were devastated that they were mislead about the treatment which had been performed on their young son but between us we were able to ensure that no other child or parent would not have to go through what  B and his family had to go through as the dentist’s name was removed from the Dental Register.