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Dystonic Cerebral Palsy

J was born in February 2003 and suffers from dystonic cerebral palsy. She has useful mobility but is clumsy and prone to falls.  She has significant use of her upper limbs but lacks fine control and dexterity. 

Her speech is difficult to understand and, though she is still placed in a mainstream school, she is functioning some way below her chronological age.  She is largely independent for dressing, feeding and toileting.  She continues to exhibit significant behavioural problems. 

The hospital admitted at an early stage that there was a failure to deliver J earlier.

Once the hospital had admitted liability various interim payments were sought on her behalf which enabled her family to purchase and adapt a bungalow, involve a case manager, instruct a physiotherapist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist to enable her to reach her full potential. The interim payments enabled J’s family to provide for her needs whilst we investigated the amount of compensation J should receive.

We have now secured a significant amount of compensation for J to provide for all her needs both now and in the future. An appropriate care package enables J to enjoy outdoor activities when she is out of school. The compensation will mean that she will be finically secure”.

J’s mother providing a quote on how life has changed since settlement

We as a family feel we can enjoy activities as a family. Having accommodation on one floor means that J can concentrate on the things that she enjoys rather than having to worry about climbing stairs which was taking all of her energy. The support from the therapists and care team were very beneficial for J and enabled her to become independent as well as giving us a break. J has been provided with equipment which will help her to be mobile and independent. We as a family feel very relaxed not having to worry about J financially and we are happy with the support we have in place for her enabling me to concentrate not only on J but her siblings and enjoy life as a family.

How the claim was dealt with

I was kept informed the whole time about what was going on either by post, telephone or email. If I had any problems I could talk to my legal team at any time and my query was responded to straight away. They also helped to secure interim payments to purchase immediate items which J needed. They also involved a Case Manager and assisted with implementing a care regime.

Everything was explained throughout which meant that I could concentrate on my family and I felt that they provided us with all of the support that we needed.  We are very happy with the outcome.