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Failed Cannulation led to Second Operation

L was admitted to hospital to undergo surgery to her right elbow.  Unfortunately, there were repeated attempts by the doctor to cannulate her.  L was in a lot of pain and her elbow was stinging.  

She recalls her arm throbbing and being black and blue at the time.  Eventually the cannulation in her left arm was abandoned and a cannula was inserted into her right foot.

She eventually underwent surgery to her right arm which was successful but her left arm which had not been operated upon was more painful than the operated right elbow.  Eventually, she was diagnosed with compartment syndrome and she ended up needing surgery to her left arm.

As a result L ended up going home with bandages to both her arms but in terms of the left arm she suffered scarring and also required further surgery and physiotherapy. Expert evidence from an Orthopaedic Surgeon confirmed that the injury to her left arm was caused by the negligent insertion of the cannula.

Eventually, it was possible to resolve the claim and L accepted the sum of £30,000.00.