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Fragment of dental tool left behind after treatment

L suffered from toothache, and was given a filling and then underwent root canal surgery to try to solve the problem.

Following the treatment, he began to suffer headaches and was referred to a specialist ENT surgeon. The consultant was able to remove a piece of a dental equipment that had been left inside L’s mouth during his previous treatment.

Our approach

Our case focused on the severe negligence demonstrated by the dentist who carried out L’s root canal treatment.

The outcome

L was awarded £8,500 in compensation.

The case in detail

L suffered with toothache and went to see his dentist. A filling was performed.  However, this did not relieve the toothache and L underwent some further dental treatment.  He was then advised that he required root canal surgery which was performed. Following this treatment L started to have headaches and eventually he had to be referred to the Consultant ENT Surgeon where a foreign body was removed which was thought to be a piece of endodontic instrument which it was thought arose from the root canal treatment.  Supportive expert evidence was received and with our help, L was able to secure an award of £8,500.00.