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Incorrect Treatment of a Vascular Condition

A was under the care of the hospital in respect of her thrombotic problems. She had a complicated medical history to include having suffered from a deep vein thrombosis affecting her left leg.

Unfortunately, despite complaints of a painful right foot this was not adequately acted upon and A eventually ended up with a below knee amputation of her right leg. 

She was then referred to the prosthetic clinic. The prosthetic limb that she was provided with proved unsatisfactory. As a result, A continued to experience pain, suffered with phantom pains and the below knee amputation meant that she was restricted in terms of employment and being able to stand for any length of time. She had great difficulty with stairs and was not able to walk very far and required care and assistance in activities of daily living. Matters were further complicated when A suffered a stroke.

A contacted Minton Morrills shortly before the expiration of the three year limitation period. We were able to secure an extension of time to allow our enquiries to be completed. It became apparent that there was a failure by the hospital to treat her vascular problems and had they been treated then she would not have ended up with a below knee amputation. The claim was vigorously defended by the hospital and just before Trial we were able to secure an award of £350,000.00 for A.