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Lasik Treatment Resulted in Double Vision

W had not needed glasses or contact lenses for the first 40 years of his life although in his mid forties he started to use glasses for reading although he did not need them for any distance work.

Following his retirement it was W’s intention to pursue his ambition to write.  He decided to have Lasik treatment in his right eye in which he had astigmatism/myopia given that he wanted the eye sight in his eyes to be equal and to have good vision in his right eye as well as his left eye.

Unfortunately following the laser surgery W suffered double vision. He was then referred to a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and in his opinion W had a longstanding latent squint which was present before the Lasik treatment which should have been identified quite easily and he could not understand why W had been recommended for Lasik treatment which in his opinion was contraindicated.  W tried incorporating prisms to try and rectify the double vision. He also tried Botox injections and this resulted in a major side effect.

A complaint was made but W did not make any progress with this following which he contacted the expert team at Minton Morrills. 

Expert evidence was commissioned from an Ophthalmologist and it became apparent that W should not have undergone Lasik treatment. However, the claim was defended. An initial offer was made in the sum of £5,000.  This offer was rejected and it was necessary to start Court proceedings. The litigation was at an advanced stage and despite the denial of liability it was possible to secure a settlement for W in the sum of £80,000.00.

Understandably, W was delighted especially when such a low offer had been made by the Defendant at an early stage.