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Loss of Eye Following Excessive Radiotherapy

K consulted an Optometrist due to problems that she was experiencing with vision in her right eye. She was diagnosed as suffering from retinal detachment and was referred to her local hospital. 

A diagnosis of malignant melanoma of the right choroid was made. K received a form of radiotherapy but despite treatment vision in her right eye deteriorated and in fact she ended up having to have the whole of her eye removed.

Following our involvement independent expert evidence was sought from a Consultant Ophthalmologist who indicated that K may well have received excessive radiotherapy to her right eye and which may well have made her right eye worse resulting in the loss of her right eye. 

This was a very difficult and complex claim not least because of the problems which K would have suffered from in any event but with the assistance of the expert Ophthalmologist and despite the claim being defended it was possible to secure an award of £20,000 for K which she was happy to accept.