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Mrs Adams (named changed to protect confidentiality)

Our team of solicitors secured £140,000 in compensation for Mrs Adams following her husband’s death in 2013.  Her husband, Daniel, aged 73, received sub-standard medical treatment from the Leeds General Infirmary leading to a substantial delay in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer. By the time the Hospital’s mistake was recognised Daniel’s condition was terminal.

We investigated the standard of medical care Daniel received and the experts we instructed concluded that his death should have been avoided, with timely treatment, had he received reasonable care from the Hospital.  The case was put to the Hospital in a Letter of Claim and a full admission of liability was received. 

The expert solicitor on this case, Guy Pomphrey, worked closely and sensitively with Mrs Adams’ (aged 72) to establish the loss of dependency she had suffered as a result of Daniel’s death.  Aside from his private/state pension and the loss of financial dependency associated with this, Daniel was a keen cook, gardener and took the lead on household chores.  The past and future services dependency compensation claim was, therefore, substantial, despite Daniel’s senior age, because apart from the cancer diagnosis he was in good health and had he received appropriate treatment he would have enjoyed a normal life expectancy.

We liaised with NHS Resolution (acting for the Hospital) and agreed a favourable Out of Court compensation settlement for Mrs Adams under these categories:

  1. Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act:
  • General Damages
  • Gratuitous Care & Support
  • Financial Expenditure of Daniel’s family
  • Funeral & Wake Expenses
  • Probate Costs
  1. Fatal Accidents Act:
  • Statutory Bereavement Award
  • Loss of a Special Person
  • Past and Future Loss of Financial Dependency
  • Past and Future Loss of Services Dependency

Mrs Adams was pleased with the financial compensation she received but, like many clients, she was even more satisfied when our solicitor managed to obtain a Letter of Apology from the Chief Executive of the Defendant Hospital explaining what had gone wrong with Daniel’s care and how the Hospital had changed their policies/protocols to make sure his poor care did not happen to anyone else.

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