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Mrs Jones (named changed to protect confidentiality)

Guy Pomphrey, specialist medical negligence solicitor at Minton Morrill, settled a Fatal Accidents Claim for over £285,000 in compensation acting for the deceased’s family. 

The Facts

Mr Jones, a happily married father of two daughters, was involved in a serious road traffic accident.  Just 2 months later Mr Jones committed suicide.  This was completely unexpected because he had never suffered psychiatric ill health before the car crash. 

Minton Morrill’s Inquest lawyers, headed by our leading Inquest solicitor, Gemma Vine, represented Mr Jones’ family at the Inquest.  It was found that Mr Jones did not have mental capacity when he committed suicide. Click here for more Inquest information.

Our Investigation

Our medical negligence lawyers were instructed to investigate whether the car crash (caused by the driver of the other vehicle) had led to Mr Jones suffering psychiatric injury and also the standard of care provided to him by the Hospital when treating him.  

With the help of leading independent medical-experts it was established that Mr Jones’ unusual and erratic psychiatric behaviour following the car crash (diagnosed as delirium) was caused by diabetes and sepsis.  Mr Jones was treated at Hospital and his condition temporarily improved.  He was discharged from Hospital with medication for diabetes but just 5 days after being discharged home Mr Jones committed suicide.

Experts in endocrinology and psychiatry were instructed and with the help of leading clinical negligence barrister a case was formulated linking the car crash to Mr Jones’ suicide.  It was argued that a period of inactivity for Mr Jones following the car crash (he broke his collar bone) had brought forward the onset of underlying type 2 diabetes.  Because his diabetes was not being treated with medication it in turn led to him suffering from a kidney abscess causing severe sepsis and delirium.  A tactical decision was taken not to pursue the Hospital for the care they provided but to instead focus on the driver responsible for the car crash. 


The case was put to the driver’s insurance company.  They initially defended the case but we pursued it and a Joint Settlement Meeting was arranged.  Because of the complicated nature of the case and the risk that if either party refused sensible settlement offers they might lose if the claim went to a Court trial a compromise settlement figure of just over £285,000 in compensation was agreed with the insurer.     

Compensation was recovered through Mr Jones’ Estate under the Law Reform Miscellaneous Provisions Act and for his Dependent wife and children under the Fatal Accidents Act.  The family were pleased with the outcome which will provide them with financial support stemming from the tragic death of Mr Jones.

Why we can help you

Guy Pomphrey and the medical negligence lawyers at Minton Morrill only practice medical negligence law and have renowned expertise in Fatal Claims cases. 

More information about Fatal Claims can be accessed by clicking here and information about our team of expert lawyers and medical negligence found here.