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N - Cerebral Palsy

N is a delightful boy who was born in 2005.  He was awarded compensation following a birth injury.

The compensation has allowed N and his family to move into more suitable accommodation, they now have carers and his parents have been utterly devoted in providing the best therapies for him.  The compensation will allow N to attend a school of his parent’s choice and will also ensure that his care and other needs will be met for the rest of his life. N's ambition is to become a scientist/inventor and his compensation we hope will allow him to pursue this career.

N's father says:

“From day 2 of N's birth, I have been involved in this case and have had the opportunity to be closely involved as I was aware there was something wrong. At that time what was required was a sensitive person that I felt was on our side as I had nowhere to go for professional or personal support.

The firm that I selected was responsive, caring and client centred and above all had the best interest of my son as its core value. The firm gave me confidence that this matter was going to be handled in a timely and professional manner which has proved to be the case.

As a result we have regained our faith in the hospital and justice system given the poor experiences that we had.

Both Simon and Sahida have provided invaluable support and have been thorough in handling this claim. I would highly recommend this firm”.