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Pneumococcal Meningitis

C was 19 years of age when her family contacted the specialist team at Minton Morrill to investigate a claim for their daughter who was brain damaged following a delay in diagnosis and treatment of pneumococcal meningitis when she was less than one years of age.  C has severe disabilities, requires 24 hour care, has no speech, is doubly incontinent and entirely dependent upon others to look after her.  The claim was against C’s former General Practitioner who it was alleged failed to recognise that C was seriously ill and suggested to C’s mother that she was over protective and assured her that C was just teething and assured her that she had nothing to worry about.  Tragically, C’s condition just deteriorated and by the time she was rushed to the local hospital and the correct diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis was made, it was too late and despite treatment with intravenous antibiotics, C has been left with a permanent brain injury.

Our Approach

This was a difficult case not least because the medical records for the visit were missing and also there was a significant difference between the parties about the factual circumstances and in particular C’s condition at the time of her visit to the General Practitioner.   It was alleged that the General Practitioner failed to take an adequate history, perform an adequate examination and provide appropriate advice.  This included follow up advice which was mandatory.  Had such advice been provided then it is likely that C’s family would have contacted the General Practitioner again and/or she would have been referred to hospital where appropriate treatment would have resulted in a full recovery.

The claim was resolved shortly before trial with the C recovering a substantial amount of compensation.

Family Comments:

Minton Morrill listened to us and believed in us as parents and took on what turned out to be an extremely difficult case to success.

Minton Morrill did an exceptional job in supporting us throughout the duration of the case. They were attentive, always on hand, professional, hard working, dedicated and best of all so easy to work with. 

They kept us informed every step of the way and left no stone unturned.

We cannot thank them enough for helping us achieve a great outcome in such a emotionally sad case for us as a family.

Although we as a family will still have difficult times ahead this compensation will make a huge difference in C’s life now and will improve C’s future too.

I would recommend 100% Minton Morrill to anyone with a similar case to ours.