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Pneumonia Kills Man Following Early Discharge from Hospital

This was a very tragic case in that it involved the death of a 52 year old man who was previously off good health. He was admitted to his local hospital with severe community acquired pneumonia. 

Within a few days the hospital felt that his condition had improved to the extent that he could be discharged despite requiring oxygen to assist him with his breathing and despite having abnormal blood results. Within days of discharge W died leaving a wife and three children.

Medical evidence from a Consultant in Acute Medicine was able to confirm that there was failure by the hospital in discharging W prematurely. Further they were negligent in changing his medication from intravenous antibiotics to oral antibiotics.

Further expert evidence suggested that if he remained in hospital then he would have survived.  W was the main breadwinner for the family and the compensation awarded, £315,000, reflected the loss of services of a husband and father.