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Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

M was born in 2005 following a difficult birth.  He was born in a very poor condition having suffered an acute and hypoxic period of encephalopathy in the neonatal period.  M ended up with irreversible brain damage resulting in a form of quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epileptic seizures, severe learning difficulties and severe life long disability as a result.  M will never be able to live independently or obtain employment. He will require 24 hour care and supervision for the rest of his life and never attain capacity to manage his own affairs.

Our Approach

When we were instructed it became apparent that any claim against the hospital would be very difficult to prove as the hospital had failed to locate the CTG trace which monitors the fetal heart rate and which had gone missing following M’s birth.  This did not deter our experienced team who despite the difficulties faced in not being able to determine the exact condition of M immediately before birth were able to secure a multi million pound settlement which will ensure that M can move into a more suitable wheelchair friendly property and ensure that his family receive the appropriate help and support.

Solicitor Comments-Simon Minton:

“This was an extremely difficult case not least because the hospital had lost vital documents.  Although I can accept that medical records can go missing, the CTG traces in this case went missing very shortly after birth which in itself led to suspicion that they may have been destroyed but that did not stop some very experienced medical experts supporting the claim against the hospital but despite such difficulties our experience in handling such claims led to its success much to the delight of M and his family”