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T Lives with Mild Bilateral Dystonic Cerebral Palsy

T was born in 2005 and has mild bilateral dystonic cerebral palsy. During T’s birth there were delays in his delivery and with the final ventouse delivery process there was also a failure to treat maternal pyrexia and hyperstimulation.

Although T attends a normal school, his development is delayed because he cannot perform physical tasks at an age appropriate level. He is clumsy and has a tendency to fall. 

When T’s parents contacted our expert team, their primary concern was that no formal diagnosis had been made. With our specialist knowledge and guidance, further investigations were performed on T following which the diagnosis of cerebral palsy was made and which allowed T’s parents to then seek appropriate therapy to deal with his disabilities.

Although the NHS Trust admitted some fault they remained of the view that Ts brain damage was not caused by their mistake. The claim was vigorously fought by the NHS Trust but eventually with our expertise and speciality, we were able to secure a financial settlement for T which has enabled T’s family to purchase a bungalow on his behalf and which will allow T to lead an independent life.