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Twin suffers cerebral palsy following delayed delivery

The little girl in the picture who we will call O was born in 2005. O was a twin.

Although there were no delays in delivering the first twin, tragically O as the second twin was delivered by urgent caesarean section much later than what should have occurred and which resulted in O suffering a very severe whole body dyskinetic type of cerebral palsy.

O's development has been significantly delayed and she is wheelchair dependant. She is also tube fed.


Following an early admission of liability and whilst we were investigating the amount of compensation that O should receive steps were taken to purchase an appropriate property to enable a care package to be implemented. O's claim was resolved at the end of 2012. She has received a substantial amount of compensation which will enable all of O's disability related needs to be met and will ensure that her family can obtain and maintain a care package for her as she has particularly demanding care needs to include complex feeding and medical needs.

O's father's comments

I want to thank you for all of your hard work. Your professionalism and especially your patience and understanding was always appreciated if not always acknowledged.

Now everything has been settled it is nice to be able to put our minds to other things and give O everything she needs and deserves.