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Maternity unit at Basildon University Hospital rated inadequate by CQC

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The Care Quality Commission (‘CQC’) performed an unannounced inspection of maternity services at Basildon University Hospital in June 2020 after safety concerns were raised by a whistle-blower. 

CQC Inspectors found a cluster of six incidents where babies were born in a poor condition and found that the unit was inadequate for safety, effectiveness and leadership.

A range of specific concerns about maternity care were identified including:

  • Women classified as “high risk” were inappropriately giving birth in the “low risk” areas.
  • Not enough skilled and experienced staff available to keep Women safe with the correct care.
  • Maternity staff’s competency to properly monitor fetal heart traces.
  • A lack of learning from previous safety incidents.
  • Medical records not always stored securely.

The CQC’s August 2020 report can be read here

Substandard NHS Maternity Care Services

The CQC’s report about Basildon University Hospital’s maternity unit is very concerning given that NHS maternity services elsewhere are also being heavily investigated.  We have previously written about Donna Ockenden’s review of maternity care at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust

In my experience as a clinical negligence solicitor we regularly investigate cases where similar patterns of sub-standard midwifery care have occurred, in particular, incorrect interpretation of CTG fetal heart traces.  Poor care like this can and sadly does have catastrophic consequences for mothers and babies.

Clients are always very keen to make sure that “lessons are learnt” from any substandard care they have received so I fully welcome CQC and other investigations that identify problems with maternity care services so changes can be made and injuries to mothers and babies prevented. 

Maternity Care Medical Negligence

We investigate medical negligence cases relating to negligent maternity medical care.  These are often extremely challenging and distressing cases where clients have sustained life changing injuries.

Examples of these types of claims include:

  • Birth injuries causing a brain injury to the baby (sometimes leading to cerebral palsy).
  • Maternal deaths (where a mother dies during or shortly after childbirth).
  • Birth injuries to mothers (such as serious tears causing bladder/bowel injuries).
  • Stillbirth

If you or your child have suffered from these or other injuries as a result of suspected poor maternity medical care we can help you investigate.  You could be entitled to substantial compensation. 

Why Choose us to help you?

We recognise that this is a very difficult situation. Our team of solicitors offer you empathetic, clear and practical support to help you pursue your case under the most challenging of circumstances.

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For more information about birth injuries visit our dedicated page or read some of our Case Studies.  

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