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Inadequate reponses by HMP/YOI Glen Parva contribute to the death of another vulnerable teenager. Jury return highly critical conculsion.

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Inquest Specialist Gemma Vine, of Leeds-based Lester Morrill have supported the family of Liam Lambert since his death in 2015. The Inquest concluded today with the Jury returning a highly critical conclusion finding that there had been a succession of serious and inadequate responses by prison staff which contributed to his death. HMP/YOI Glen Parva has been criticised in the past for failing to protect prisoners from risks of self-harm, suicide and bullying, all serious issues which featured in Liam’s case.

Lester Morrill has previously represented a number of families where their loved ones have died at HMP/YOI Glen Parva. Award winning Inquest Solicitor Gemma Vine is also representing the mother of Jake Foxall who died 8 months after Liam. His Inquest is due to start tomorrow (Thursday 8 September 2016). Lester Morrill specialist Inquest law team has a national reputation as Inquests Specialists. Gemma Vine was a finalist in this year’s Legal Aid Lawyers Awards and the firm has been shortlisted for their work in this field at the Yorkshire Legal Awards in the category of “Niche Law Firm of the Year”. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony next month at New Dock Hall, Leeds.

You can read INQUEST’s press release here.