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Probate Solicitors

The period following a bereavement is a difficult time and many Executors require help and advice to successfully navigate the Probate process, which distributes the assets of the deceased’s Estate in line with the Court’s authority. 

It may be that the situation is complicated or that the Executors have only a limited amount of time available in which to deal with it. Our skilled and experienced Probate team can assist you and relieve some of the stress at this difficult time.  We will work with you to take on as much or as little involvement as you need and to clearly explain the necessary steps.  If you wish, we can simply apply for the initial Grant of Representation on your behalf so that you can then take over the remainder of the process.  However, if you prefer we can conduct any stages in which you do not want to be involved.  Alternatively, we can take care of the entire procedure for you.

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