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Wills Solicitors

Making a Will is something which, understandably, many people put off but if you should die without a Will (dying ‘intestate’) it may result in your estate being distributed according to intestacy rules rather than in line with your wishes.  In cases where the deceased has no close relatives, it can be that the government receives your assets.

In order to ensure that the distribution of your estate is made according to your wishes, it is therefore important to make a Will.  The process does not have to be complicated or daunting: our expert team will meet you and gain a detailed understanding of your situation and requirements.  We can help to guide you through the procedure, explaining your options simply and clearly. 

Once you have a valid Will, it is important to keep it under review - many people are unaware for instance that if they marry or enter into a civil partnership, any Will which they made previously becomes invalid (or ‘revoked’).  Our team can help you to make a new Will or, if other circumstances change, to review your existing Will and make any necessary adjustments to allow you the peace of mind which comes with knowing your assets will be directed to your loved ones when you can no longer be with them.