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Case Studies

Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

M was born in 2005 following a difficult birth.  He was born in a very poor condition having suffered an acute and hypoxic period of encephalopathy in the neonatal period.  M ended up with irreversible brain damage resulting in a form of...

Pneumococcal Meningitis

C was 19 years of age when her family contacted the specialist team at Minton Morrill to investigate a claim for their daughter who was brain damaged following a delay in diagnosis and treatment of pneumococcal meningitis when she was less than one years of...

Further Brain Injury Following a Fall

P had already sustained a head injury. He was admitted to hospital to undergo a bilateral cranioplasty having been transferred to hospital from the brain injury rehabilitation unit.  Unfortunately, P was not appropriately supervised, he fell down some...

Permanent Vegetative State Following Dislodgement of Endotracheal Tube

S was in the critical care unit at a hospital and was intubated and ventilated. Whilst S was being moved, her endotracheal tube became dislodged and by the time the tube was inserted she ended up with a hypoxic brain injury which resulted in her being in a...

Mrs Adams (named changed to protect confidentiality)

Our team of solicitors secured £140,000 in compensation for Mrs Adams following her husband’s death in 2013.  Her husband, Daniel, aged 73, received sub-standard medical treatment from the Leeds General Infirmary leading to a substantial...

Case Study 6

Susan is mum to Grace who is now 12 years old.  Grace has severe cerebral palsy causing her learning difficulties and physical disabilities.  Grace needs 24/7 care.  After Grace was born her father left the family home leaving Susan to...

Case Study 5

Paul is an adult who has cerebral palsy causing him severe disabilities.  He lives with mum and dad.  When Paul was in his early 20s great news came.  He was to receive compensation for the medical negligence at his birth which caused his...

Case Study 4

Following a successful clinical negligence claim, Julia Morrill was appointed as Professional Deputy on behalf of a child who suffered from significant brain injury and hearing loss.  The child was a member of a dysfunctional family. Julia had to assist...
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