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Stillbirth Case Study - Mrs Tarmina (name changed to protect confidentiality)

Guy Pomphrey, medical negligence solicitor at Minton Morrill, resolved a Fatal Stillbirth Claim for £50,000 in compensation for Mrs Tarmina who tragically lost her baby daughter, at term, because of antenatal failings at a leading London Hospital Trust.  

The Facts

Mrs Tarmina fell pregnant with her third child and received her antenatal care at her local Hospital as she had done with her two older children. She thought that everything was progressing well until very late in her pregnancy she suddenly noticed, for the first time, that her unborn baby had stopped moving. 

Mrs Tarmina went straight to Hospital and was told that no heart beat could be found for her baby daughter.  Mrs Tarmina delivered her stillborn daughter two days later.   

Our investigation

Mrs Tarmina was referred to us from London and we investigated.  The Hospital had carried out their own internal investigation that had found numerous failings in the standard of antenatal care Mrs Tarmina had received; in particular, that the midwives had not followed up the baby’s irregular growth patterns which had indicated (like Mrs Tarmina’s two other children) that her baby was very small for its gestational age. 

The Hospital’s investigation report concluded that Mrs Tarmina’s baby was likely in distress and should have been delivered earlier which would have avoided the stillbirth which was associated with an infection and the small baby’s inability to fight this off.

Based on this investigation report, we sent a detailed letter setting out the allegations of sub-standard antenatal care to the Hospital’s lawyers.  They subsequently agreed that Mrs Tarmina’s antenatal care fell below the required reasonable level so our investigation then focused on how much compensation Mrs Tarmina should receive.

Mrs Tarmina was seen by a consultant psychiatrist who reported that she had suffered a psychiatric injury as a result of the stillbirth.  Because of this psychiatric injury she had lost out on a promotion at work and an increase in her salary.  Mrs Tarmina had also become a lot more reliant on the emotional care and support of her husband.  


A Schedule of Loss setting out the different awards of compensation was served on the Hospital Trust.  Settlement negotiations took place and a figure of £50,000 was agreed.

No amount of compensation can ever take back the loss of a child but Mrs Tarmina felt that her concerns about her antenatal care had been properly addressed and validated though the medical negligence investigation and by the Hospital agreeing that they were at fault for the stillbirth.  The compensation money received will be used for the benefit of Mrs Tarmina’s other children as a legacy to their lost sister.  

Client Comments

"As many others have already said, Guy is passionate, driven, professional yet approachable. We are very grateful he represented us during such a difficult time."

Why Choose Us to Help?   

Guy Pomphrey and the medical negligence lawyers at Minton Morrill only practice medical negligence law and have renowned expertise in very sensitive Fatal Claim cases like Mrs Tarmina’s.  Our team understand how distressing the death of a loved one can be and we guide our clients through the litigation process.    

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