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Limb Injury Case Studies


Negligent Knee Tendon Rupture Repair

B sustained a left knee injury following a game of football. He was diagnosed with a tendon rupture and underwent surgery to repair this. B subsequently received physiotherapy but despite this there was limited movement in B’s left knee. It was over a...

Failed Cannulation led to Second Operation

L was admitted to hospital to undergo surgery to her right elbow.  Unfortunately, there were repeated attempts by the doctor to cannulate her.  L was in a lot of pain and her elbow was stinging.   She recalls her arm throbbing and being black...

Toe Straightening Goes Wrong

M had a painful bunion on her left foot. She was advised to have a hallux valgus operation on her left foot as well as an osteotomy to straighten her big toe.   Following the surgery M’s toe was not straight and she suffered continuing pain....

Arthroplasty Operation Makes Things Worse

S underwent an arthroplasty on the joints of both of her great toes.  Immediately following the operation S found it difficult to walk and at the time she thought she was recovering from surgery.  Unfortunately, S did not make the improvement that...

Negligent Hip Replacement

P had osteoarthritis of her right hip and underwent a right total hip replacement.  Following the hip replacement P ended up with problems affecting her mobility and it eventually became apparent that she had a leg lengthy discrepancy as a result of the...

Infection Following Hip Replacement

D had bilateral osteoarthritis of his hips. He underwent a hip replacement and was discharged from hospital following the hip replacement despite oozing coming from the wound.  D ended up having to undergo drainage of the hip and made a very slow...

Delayed Diagnosis of Torn Achilles Tendon

R felt a sudden snap and tear in his left lower leg just above his ankle. He developed pain and swelling and could hardly walk. However, despite having attended his local A&E Department he was advised that he had torn a calf muscle. No treatment was...