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Failure to Recognise Pneumococcal Meningitis

C was born in 2005.  His early development was entirely normal but at 10 months of age he developed a high temperature. He was seen in the A and E Department but discharged, the following day he was seen by the out of hours service but was not admitted to hospital and on the same day although his parents took him again to the hospital again he was discharged.

It was only on the following morning when his parents woke to find him unresponsive that he was immediately taken back to the hospital and following further investigations diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis with encephalitis was made as a result of which C has sustained severe bilateral brain damage and requires assistance with all activities of daily living. He is fully wheelchair dependant.

Following investigations the NHS Trust admitted partial fault. We are now working towards establishing the amount of compensation C will require to meet his needs for the rest of his life.  His parents are now looking at moving into a bungalow and with access to an interim payment this has allowed his parents to purchase vital equipment for C.