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Sahida Patel secures compensation for teenager with Cerebral Palsy Injury

Sahida Patel, medical negligence lawyer at Minton Morrill, obtained over £4.5 million in financial compensation for her teenage client who suffered a negligent birth injury at Furness General Hospital.  

Sahida’s client suffered from oxygen starvation at birth causing her to suffer from dyskinetic athetoid Cerebral Palsy.  Click here for more information about the different types of Cerebral Palsy injury.

The case has been reported in the local press.  Within this report, the Defendant NHS Trust issued a public apology for the failings in care which have left Sahida’s client facing a lifetime of disability.

The financial settlement secured includes a lump sum compensation payment of £4.5m and annual periodical payments to cover the cost of our client’s life-long care needs.

The annual payments will start at £80,000 a year before increasing to £144,000 a year when Sahida’s client reaches age 18.  Between the ages of 30-45, these annual payments will increase again to £175,000 a year to cover the additional costs of looking after any children our client may have.

The settlement has been approved by Mrs Justice Lambert sitting in the High Court.

Sahida’s views on the case:

“My client’s mother went into hospital to give birth to her daughter but there were unfortunately errors with the management of her care.  The CTG trace was pathological and this was not picked up by the Doctors or Midwifes.  Even when a decision was made to carry out a caesarean section there was a further delay resulting in my client very serious irreversible brain damage.

The family initially did not seek any legal advice because they assumed what happened to their daughter could not have been avoided.  However, with our expertise in dealing with birth injury claims, it was possible to seek medical expert evidence which supported a negligence case. This was presented to the hospital subsequently resulting in a full admission of liability and written apology.

My client’s parents have been utterly devoted in caring for their daughter. She is a credit to them and has a vivacious personality which shines through.  She is a determined young lady and I have no doubt that with the right support, she has a positive future where her needs will be properly met and where she will be given opportunities to develop despite the lifelong disabilities she has. 

The family now propose to build a house for their daughter so that she can have a full round the clock care team coupled with the appropriate specialist equipment and therapies”.

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Minton Morrill are top ranked for their specialist clinical negligence work in the independent legal directories. Our team of leading solicitors have expertise in Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injury NHS Compensation claims and have a proven track record of securing clients and families compensation.

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